About Us

Established in 1958, Pound International Ltd is a UK registered company located in Oxfordshire. It is the Marketing Authorisation Holder for STUD 100® Desensitizing Spray for Men. Pound International Ltd oversees the manufacture and sale of STUD 100 to licensed pharmacists, wholesalers and registered Distributors around the world.


About STUD 100

STUD 100® Desensitizing Spray for Men has been licensed in the UK since 1972 and is a licenced topical spray. It is also licensed as a medicinal product in other countries around the world and may be subject to different regulatory requirements depending on the country. STUD 100 is packaged in different formats worldwide in order to meet each territory’s requirements e.g. it is supplied to an authorised Distributor in the USA with a black child-resistant cap in order to meet the requirements of the FDA Monograph on Male Genital Desensitizers.



Frequently Asked Questions about STUD 100: