Innovation can be a source of business growth and economic prosperity but is fraught with risk. To succeed you need an understanding of the inherent difficulties and the potential of technologies plus the experience of how to successfully direct development programmes and to achieve commercial returns. Companies need to be able to access all sensible forms of funding and networking to get through the difficult development phase.

iXscient combines an understanding of specific technology areas with experience ‘from the coal face’ in commercialising technologies all the way from developing initial concepts through directed research programmes to final products. Our recommendation comes from proven success in technology exploitation, in developing and writing winning proposals for multi-million Euro collaborative programmes and in successfully managing the resulting projects.

iXscient is able to provide a linked set of services which enable companies and academic partners to successfully gain participation in and achieve success with their R&D programmes. We help clients to maximise their chances of commercial return by addressing three main service areas:

  • Research Proposal Writing
  • Research Project Management
  • Technical Consultancy

In particular, iXscient is able to offer the complete range of services for setting up collaborative research projects, from idea generation and identification of funding opportunities through consortia building, proposal writing and contract negotiation; and finally we support those projects with our project management expertise.

In addition, we also provide short hands-on seminars and instruction in the keys to successful proposal writing for collaborative EU and UK national projects.

“In my opinion iXscient are far and away the best Project Management team I have worked with
in my 30 year career in translational academic research in clinical diagnostics”

Professor Calum McNeil, Newcastle University

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